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Nikoyo Elastic Cloud and Nimble Storage Solutions in Hong Kong are the most talked platforms which have eased the problem of managing large scale data than ever. Nikoyo is into this business over three-decade, and since then it has helped many IT giants to handle their data most efficiently and streamline the entire information in auser-friendly atmosphere at lower financial and infrastructural costs that reduce the risk of human errors as well. Hence if you are looking for an elastic cloud storage solution, then you must visit this site of and see how Nikoyo eases the flow of your business information in the ameagre budget that is risk-free. Apart from the you can also benefit with their nimble flash storage technology that ensures you faster and robust data access from data centers and other cloud applications. To know more about this Nikoyo platfor, click on that will let you know how exactly it works.

Benefits of Nikoyo Elastic Cloud and Nimble Storage Solutions:

1. Nikoyo since 1985 has set a benchmark to offers its Integrated IT solutions for both state and private entities across China and Hong Kong. Till now, it has pushed boundaries of many systematic innovations and other developmental processes in the field of computer technology that had increased.

IT Service Provider

2. Having two reliable platforms of Elastic cloud storage and Nimble storage, they have come a long way and gained extensive experience in handling the information of businesses in a streamlined manner which cut the risk of human error and exchanged the info at low cost with a user-friendly approach that makes it compact solution which is cost effective.

3. Hence leverage the solutions and expertise offered by Nikoyo that are committed to provide quality service and empower your business needs.Approach them today to simplify your cloud storage solutions, which are the prime concern of the IT industry, who know how to upgrade your systems and can manage the data on cloud efficiently.

4. Nimble is available with various box sizes as it uses inline compression that works with CASL file system uses 30%-70% flash. The capacity where data is stored which features flexible scalability as a top tier solution to manage data more quickly than before as In fosight powers its storage system, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine which best supports efficiently and maintains its data.

5. The Elastic cloud storage offers its solution in the form of Public cloud, Private cloud, Hybrid cloud and integrated cloud solutions that have simplified and streamlined IT operation and management. Among these, the first three can be obtained and used upon the customer’s preference, and the last can be used as backup and disaster recovery solutions.


Get full assistance of Nikoyo storage solutions for all your business needs that offer the best storage solutions to store your data more safely and efficiently. Get rid of investment and operating costs as these two platforms work wonders to store your data and share the information on cloud in a streamlined way that reduces risks of human errors. For more info visit their website or make a call to their customer care representatives they will get back to you in a short while.

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