Why 5g introduction could be a curse for us?

Why 5g introduction could be a curse for us

When the cellphones were first introduced, there were no lot of features in it and didn’t attract many people to buy it. In addition, the people of those days also didn’t have the required money to buy the same as the economical position of the people those days were very low. If you are someone who is eagerly waiting for the introduction of 5g into the world to use, you must also read protection against 5g to choose if it would be a part of your lives or not.

A lot of people think that the 5g generation would be more happier and faster to live with. Everything is going to be opposite to that of what you were thinking of. Here in this article below, you are going to read why introduction of 5g into our lives would not be good. They are as follows

  • Nearly no one of the individuals who wanted to use the internet would be happy to use a slow internet along with some bad effects too. 4 g is already one of the popular versions of the internet speed that is more than any other speeds of the before. To achieve this particular speed, one has to face all the bad effects that come with it additionally. It will serve you with internet speed that is more than that of 4g.
  • The frequencies used for 4g would be more different from the ones that are related with 5g. The frequencies of the same will vary appropriately. It can be made as one of the outstanding internet speed provider to overcome all the other versions of the interne. Even though it has a lot of positive effects to offer the people with, one must make note of the negative effects that it would also provides its users with. This 5g radiation will cause even more heat from the radiation of 4g which in turn will affect the skins of the body causing skin diseases that needs a lot of care to cure. Taking into consideration aboutthe facts that will be caused by 5g connection, it is wise enough to either be an active customer of the 4g connection or discard it for your use. It is easy to connect the specific 5g services to the office as well as the houses to enjoy the work that others could not offer you. It will help several industries like health care, manufacturing, agriculture and so on. After reading about all the above things, you should also browse through protection against 5g to use all its services at a perfect rate and be aware of the bad effects as well.
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