Which is Better – Cloud Hosting or Traditional Hosting?

iSeries cloud services

These days, we highly rely on technology to meet our needs. The same goes for businesses, especially those that are modernized. So when it comes to web hosting requirements, there are several you can choose from. But the two primary web hosting services a business owner can choose are Cloud Hosting and Traditional Hosting. It’s already a big question, which will mainly depend on the needs and wants of your business. With Cloud Hosting, many service providers are offering high-end cloud hosting requirements. One example is IBM’s iSeries cloud services. But with Traditional Hosting, you’ll have to invest in infrastructure. So which is better? Let’s find out here.

Why You Should Consider Cloud Hosting

There are tons of reasons why one should choose cloud hosting. For one, it offers an increase in server uptime. For instance, one server goes down and can’t take your request. Then another server will step up and take over by default. As a result, everything will continue to run smoothly as if nothing happened. Furthermore, cloud hosting is cheaper compared to traditional hosting because you’ll only be paying for the services and resources you’re actually using. So you can downsize anytime if needed.

iSeries cloud services

When it comes to security, cloud hosting is never out of the loop. In fact, they have an established infrastructure with multiple layers of security. They will protect your data, network, and applications as well as provide physical security. Moreover, most cloud service providers offer enhanced security for encrypted solutions, firewalls, backup, identity management, and more. These are what make cloud hosting a great solution to your web hosting requirements.

When Should You Start Using a Traditional Hosting

Traditional hosting uses hosted servers to provide storage services to their clients. These are installed at various locations, which you can access through the internet. Three main categories of traditional hosting are available to clients now. Of course, they have advantages and disadvantages. First, shared hosting is the most common type of traditional hosting for small businesses. It’s cheaper since the cost is divided among the clients who use the same storage server. But once your business grows, you should consider choosing a better web hosting since this can’t handle high web traffic.

Dedicated servers are for websites that receive over 100k visitors every day or monthly. This type of hosting can prevent your website from crashing due to high traffic. Finally, VPS or Virtual Private Servers is the most balanced among the other two. Here, it maintains equality among the users, unlike shared hosting.

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