The Best Tech Toys for Kids

 Young children constantly crave for attention. While this is natural, parents are sometimes not able to be present for their kids throughout the day. This is one reason why toys were invented. Toys always keep children busy as all their attention is drawn to what they are playing with. Toys are children’s primary source of entertainment when their parents are not around, but did you know that children could also learn a lot through toys. The 21at century has lead to the advancement of toys creation, and this is a good thing, as toy manufacturers are adding features to basic and new toys that help kids with things like critical thinking and solving puzzles. Different tech toys target specific age brackets, as manufacturers know which toys are best for which age. The following tech toys will be fun for your kids.

Minecraft: Your child will love Minecraft toys as they boost their critical thinking and help them be creative. For kids aged 8 years and above, Minecraft has Minecraft Card Game, Lego Minecraft The Fortress and Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator are a good start. Minecraft Card Game is played by 2-4 players and is easy for eight year old kids to learn without straining. It helps kids focus, predict and apply logic when playing. Lego Minecraft The Fortresses is played by protecting your fortress from the wicked skeleton army attack. It is a good game to help your kids improve their STEM skills, creative skills and patience. With the kid’s phone or tablet, Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator will enable your kid direct their own movies. This will increase their creative skills and keep them busy for hours. Your child will be able to think critically at the end. Other Minecraft toys include the Survival Mode Play-set, Mini-Figures, Minecraft books and Animal Plush Toys.

Leapfrog Leapband Activity Tracker: It has an attractive interface, and will ensure your child stays active throughout. It acts like a Fitbit, tracker, but for kids, thus more fun. The animations present will make your kid enjoy exercising happily while thinking they are just playing. The Leapfrog Leapband Activity Tracker is suitable for children aged between 4-7 years. There are over fifty challenges that will keep your children busy, without them feeling bored. It comes in three body colors, and is such a joy to kids.

Math for Love Prime Climb: This is among the best board games for children available. Kids play it by aiming to climb to the center as they bump the opponents behind. The good thing about this game is that it doesn’t really have an age range. Kids from as young as five years old to teens can play it and enjoy every moment as they learn subtraction, addition and multiplication skills. Young kids may need a little help at the beginning, but will be quick to grasp the concept after a few training sessions.

Lego Women Of NASA: The game features computer scientist Margaret Hamilton, astronomer Nancy Grace and astronauts Sally Ride and Mae Jemison. They all come with their area of expertise in NASA including a mini space shuttle challenger and a mini-Hubble space telescope. Children using this game not only gain STEM skills, but are also inspired by the good work the mentioned women have done.

Amazon Fire Hd 8 Kids Edition: The tablet is suitable for children aged 12 and under. Unlike the normal tablets adults use, the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet has content that children love. There are hundreds of movies, books, games, apps and TV shows that children aged 12 and below enjoy. The content in the tablet is not too mature for them, and your child will spend hours swiping through pages. Children get entertained and learn about things that may not be taught in school or at home. Another good thing about the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet is that it has parental control. As a parent, you are able to limit the time your child can access the tablet and filter out content that may seem unnecessary for your child. You are also able to create up to four individual child profiles. And you don’t have to worry about your child dropping the tablet, as the case built for the tablet is kid proof, and will protect the tablet from any minor damage that can be caused by kids. The internal storage is 16 GB is expandable by up to 256 GB.

KANO Computer Kit: If you want to your child to know how the inside of a computer looks like without dismantling your home personal computer, then buy the Kano Computer Kit. With this, children are able to learn different parts of a computer and assemble them. It runs on the Raspberry Pi 3 processor and has great programming tools for kids. For children, it is not as dull as the normal computer because once the kids have completed all the parts, they are able to engage in several other activities. It is great for kids aged six years and over.

Primo Cubetto Playset: kids aged 3-6 years will absolutely love this wooden robot. Children are able to have fun as they learn basic computer programming. It is amusing to play Primo Cubetto Playset as it uses a wooden board that your child will fit with colored blocks. The blocks make programs that command the robot. The map and story book in the game make it interesting for your kids as they play. Its simple design is among the things that will make your child glued to the game.

Dropmix: The game is made up of an electronic board on which your child can lay up to 5 NFC-enabled cards. Every card represents a specific song. When the card places the different cards on the board, the board mixes the songs. Dropmix will remix the different songs on the card and produce something new as the tempo and pitch are altered. This game will have your children entertained as they get creative.

Tech toys will help your kid learn skills in science, technology, engineering, art and math. Encourage your kid to use toys that makes them think critically in order to solve puzzles, as this will make them wittier than their peers. Ensure that the toys you get for your kids combine both education and entertainment bits. Young children will lose interest in a minute if the toys they are given are too complex for their understanding. This also beats the whole purpose of having the tech toy; as children want to learn and have fun a t the same time.

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