The Best Free proxy servers of 2019

The Best Free proxy servers of 2019

Both privacy and security are two fundamental factors for users. When we surf the Internet we leave a trail, in one way or another. That is why many users choose to use tools such as VPN or proxy. This ensures anonymity and that your data is safe when browsing. In this article we are going to name some of the best free proxy servers that we can use for this 2019. In a previous article we explained the differences between proxy and VPN.

Thanks to a proxy, we can not only navigate more securely, but also avoid geographical blocking, for example. There are times when certain platforms, as well as programs, may not work in a country or region. By using a tool of this type we can modify the location and connect to that service.

Let’s check out the trendiest proxy services of this year

One of the options we have to access blocked services in a specific country is Its use is free, simple and fast. Of course, we must bear in mind that it has limitations in its free version in terms of the transfer capacity used. is used by more than 10 million users. We can access your official page to use the service, but also has extensions for the main browsers.

Many of us  consider it as one of the fastest free proxy services we can use.


Another free proxy and very simple to use is FilterBypass. We can enter the URL of the service we want to use, but it also offers shortcuts to some of the most popular platforms such as YouTube or Facebook.

Filters Bypass, free proxy

It is an interesting option to hide our IP address and surf anonymously and safely. Also, thanks to FilterBypass we can hide our real location and skip the geographical restrictions that may exist.It has connection encryption and a simple interface to use. is another free proxy that we can use. It allows us to use a server that we choose from a list or click on random and it is the page itself that chooses one.

It also offers some options like knowing our IP, doing a speed test to see that it works correctly, as well as trying a free VPN. In short, this option can be interesting if we want a free proxy, simple and that offers certain functions.


One more service to make our connections anonymous and secure is JustProxy. It allows us to avoid the geographical blockade and skip restrictions if we are using a network in a library, for example, and we want to enter our social networks.

Of course, we must mention that it also has limitations in its free version. However, it can be a good option for a punctual use.

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