The best combination of CRM and ERP functionality

ERP Software

The ms dynamics is a cloud-based ERP and ERM enterprise system. Microsoft developed it for best flexibility and extensibility. Nowadays, modern enterprises rely on streamlining their business processes with the next-generation application suite, which is hosted on Cloud. The current CRM and ERP Cloud solutions are into one Cloud service. The need focuses on industries such as retail, service, manufacturing, financial services, and the public sector. All this facilitate companies to engage customers better, helps to expand their business processes and make better decisions. Other familiar Microsoft applications such as as-as SharePoint, Yammer, Office 365, Azure, and Outlook, can be used along. Ms dynamics combines the best of CRM and ERP with Office 365, forming a complete union on a single platform and including the management of customer service and marketing, together with the daily operations of business transactions and processes. It offers different apps for business areas as optional applications to satisfy the specific needs of the business sector and simplify the day-to-day work of employees who are familiar with the regular use of technology through mobile devices


Editable grid is a custom control for Customer Engagement that provides precious inline editing capabilities on web and mobile clients. Including the ability to group, sort, and filter data within the same grid so we can speed up data modification and eliminating the time-consuming process. If we go for high level in Ms dynamics, the various app is available, which allows users to create and control their apps in the system.

ERP Software

Sitemap Designer uses to edit sitemap with options like dragging, dropping & creating areas, groups and entities links.

Relationship Insights connects customers with Azure Machine Learning.

Engagement Analysis analyses what the receiver of emails are engaged in by measuring the number of clicks & views on the emails & their content.

Relationship Assistant Tool provides suggestions to the customers for their records.

CRM App for Outlook helps customers to use attach articles and templates in the email from Outlook.

It provides various benefits with its functionality, flexibility and potential to an organisation that has fairly standard business processes and is just looking to improve its sales, marketing, and customer service.

  • Application subscription according to business needs and greater access to data when compared to other products.
  • Provides a single view for the customer for saving the time spent in searching the data from different sources.
  • Embedded intelligence increasing customer satisfaction and offering the best recommendations based on previous behavior.
  • Improved decision making, increased productivity and better customer retention.
  • Email interaction enhance the email marketing which informs companies on when and how customers interact with their emails
  • Social intelligence tracker analyses what buyers say on social media networks to give a better idea of how they feel about products and services.
  • It is meant to be used on mobile devices which give the chance to work wherever, whenever needed.

Because it handles both CRM and ERP, it can provide increased productivity and efficiency for an organization when looking both outward and inward. So it is a massive part of Microsoft’s cloud, mobile-based productivity platform.

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