Session Border Controller For Your Enterprise

In this day and age, everyone is associated with the uses of the internet and the telephone. Starting from big companies and big businesses, Internet and telephones are widely used to generate undisturbed communication between two parties. The Internet has brought the world closer than before , and large amounts of data can be transferred in a split second with the use of it.

But with its millions of benefits, the internet also has a huge problem. Any data sent over with the help of the Internet can be easily leaked or transferred to another party, even with your unwillingness in the whole matter. In this huge array of networks, the internet is very well capable of spitting out some confidential data which might go unnoticed in the beginning, but can definitely cause havoc later. Especially, for big companies and large enterprises, where careers and lives depend on the information passed out, and if one valuable message reaches the wrong hands, it could potentially bring the whole company down.

Session Border Controller are an element of network communication that protects your data from going into the wrong hands. Session Border Controllers or SBC, s a network function which secures voice over Ip fundaments and also provides interworking between conflicting signaling messages and ensures proper connectivity between devices and applicators.  

What are the uses of a session border controller?

There are several uses of a Session Border Controller.

  • Session Border Controllers help secure the data sent over through voice over internet protocol which is basically telephonic protocol using the internet.
  • It encrypts messages being sent over through voice over protocols.
  • It ensures smooth connectivity between two conflicting signaling devices.
  • It uses useful in an interception in accordance with the law.
  • It protects large enterprises from being hacked.

There are a number of Session Border Controllers.  E-SBC is also a thing nowadays. Enterprise SBC typically protects large enterprises from being hacked, rather than working for normal service providers.

The different brands of SBC that you can choose from are,

  • ACNE PACKET– They work for enterprises and service providers with the same operating system.
  • AUDIO CODES-They is built on median media gateways that offer a system of cisco which is tied to the router’s portfolio.
  • INGATE-This offers a double-line functionality with firewall protection and a SIParator and they work for small scale business enterprises.


Installing a Session control provider is extremely important in this world, especially for large and small enterprises that store and communicate with each other through the internet, and are in possession of much confidential information which creates a high-risk of spilling it out to competing companies and enterprises.

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