Reducing Cyber Risks

How to avoid cyber attack

There are people who engage in illegal data acquisition. This is an unfortunate but realistic fact. Knowing that there are literally people whose goal is to get up in the morning is to steal data, gives you an idea of ​​how serious these robberies can be. Take a moment and do some online research on the companies that were compromised and what happened as a result. Large companies suffer, sometimes with losses, which are recorded in millions of dollars, and although large corporations may be reluctant to take such blows, small or even large companies may have difficulty managing such a disaster.

In the modern technological world there are many interesting new trends, innovations and technologies that allow companies to better achieve their target market or to better prepare products and / or services. These technologies can be presented in the form of faster mobile phones that handle increasingly complex applications, giving companies more space to work when developing a mobile presence. Or it could be something like new changes in the way web pages are displayed, such as the new problems that HTML5 posed to itself when it was launched. Unfortunately, there is also a problem with every major or minor advancement in both hardware and software. Each release of the new technology is another hole in the loop that needs to be covered on digital walls, read more at


Now this does not mean that you should always be afraid or afraid of your data, because there are ways to prevent such attacks. Almost all the companies involved were not very strict about their safety anyway, and for this reason this should not be. Serious security is the best way to prevent a successful attack on your business. When you understand the threat and take appropriate measures to eliminate it, you can easily calm down, knowing that you did what is necessary to protect the data of both you and your customers. Start by complying with the security requirements of an entire company that everyone understands. Antivirus programs should be on every computer that has access to your network, period. This includes all portable laptops, desktops that employees use, and any other computer on their network. Everyone should have updated anti-virus programs to help on how to avoid cyber attack.


Then contact your IT team to ensure that all of your external gateways have a firewall installed. Your IT team will support this firewall and therefore your data is safe. Another thing you have to do is protect your data in an external place, either in a physical safe, or somewhere like a data center. Finally, consider adding cyber liability insurance, because if you are ever at risk, it can be very expensive. Having the right insurance is a way to ensure the survival of your business.

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