Learn SEO Fundamentals With Google

SEO is the heart of marketing online. Without SEO, all your marketing efforts will go into the drain because Google ranks all web pages on the internet using SEO techniques. If your website is not SEO compliant, it will get left behind no matter how much you try.

If your dream is to land on the first search page results and increase revenue generation for your business through online sources, you should definitely learn SEO. You should find an SEO company in Perth who is better at learning SEO with Google. Today, we are going to talk to you about how you can learn SEO using Google.

Get your site identified by Google’s crawlers

Google is the one-stop-shop for any information on the web, and hence, its crawlers are constantly crawling through millions of web pages at a time to improve the search results it offers. So the first step at learning SEO fundamentals through Google is to get your site identified by Google’s crawlers. Google crawlers only include websites that are related to other websites on the internet for the specific topic. Moreover, if the site’s content is easy to crawl through, it will often get highlighted above every other site on the search results page.

Use HTML semantic tags meaningfully

HTML5’s semantic tags are a helpful addition to increasing the SEO performance of your blog posts. Google encourages and rewards properly used Title tags in the page’s structure. Every title tag inside your website should be unique, and you should also provide a meta description tag that can help the crawlers to identify and classify the content inside your web pages—making it easy for them to retrieve the website for a similar query search.

Create what your visitors love

Google fundamentals of SEO guidelines encourage businesses to create and publish content that their visitors love to interact with. It also states that you should always try infusing more and more organic and word-of-mouth content; these types of content usually build up your business’s reputation over the internet and also help crawlers to rank your website better. Always publish content that is easy for your visitors to consume. Write precise and helpful information. Keep your content organic by removing unnecessary keywords aimed at achieving a better ranking on search pages.

Go mobile friendly

As more and more internet traffic is diverted towards mobiles. It is the need of the hour to make all websites mobile-friendly in order to promote good competition and provide better search results. Google encourages websites that are mobile-friendly by ranking them higher in the search results. Going mobile-friendly means that your website will be rendered the same across all devices, and it will always be accessible to its visitors no matter what device they are on.

This was just an overview of some essential aspects of SEO. If you want to learn SEO in a more comprehensive way, then there are lots of SEO companies Perth that teach you SEO in the best ways.


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