Latest Games for IOS and Android Users

gta 5 android

Any Smartphone user is well familiar with the games that may be downloaded on the device. It’s continually concerning obtaining the most recent and, therefore, the best available games. For this terrible reason, one is usually on a lookout for the most recent game releases, particularly if they’re action-packed. Whereas some are obtainable for iOS, others are obtainable for Android users. Allow us to establish concerning the most recent action games that are obtainable for each of the platforms.

Dark Knight Rises

Because the name suggests Dark Knight Rises is somewhat nearer to the motion picture and you get the possibility to play the hero. You get the chance of changing into a caped crusader fighting the unhealthy guys and saving the town. Sounds exciting, there’s a lot of cities delineates within the game is way on the point of that of attendant Arkham town.


This is the III version within the line of gta 5 android, and one in all the foremost asked for games gta 5 android. The leading exciting feature offered by this game is that of AN action-filled journey wherever a gamer must take missions against the road criminals. Also, this version of the sport is well confirmatory of the touch-enabled phones. The controls are designed consequently so that a user will play via a bit screen phone. Alternative things embrace audio recording and voice acting. Therefore, if you’ve got enough time to spare, then this will be that game that you simply can from.

gta 5 android

Nova 3

You need not be an iOS user to play this game, as this game is obtainable across each platform together with that of gta 5 android. This can be a shooter game that offers complete excitement in shooting down beside graphics and, therefore, the effect. Therefore, if you’re keen on shooting, then this can be the sport for you. However, like alternative things, this incorporates a few drawbacks. You will come upon occasional glitches or get irked by diversion controls. If you get past these, then you’ll get pleasure from taking part in this game, this can be undoubtedly for people who love hard-core diversion.

Shadow Gun

If your device runs on a Tegra three processor, then you ought to from Shadow Gun. This game may be a powerful, action-packed game that may be vying on a Smartphone or a Tab. This game may be a shooting game, and therefore the graphics are spectacular too. If you play this game, then you’ll forget taking part in console-based games permanently. A user is going to be excited to play the role of a bounty hunter and destroy a military packed with mutants.

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