How to Save WebP Images in JPG or PNG on Chrome

The image format known as WebP is a standard created by Google in 2010 to optimize the loading of images on the web even if the quality of the image itself is neglected. Essentially it is an open conversion format created specifically for optimizing images for use on the internet. There is no native support (for all operating systems) for this type of format and the only ones to support this particular type of images are two single browsers: Chrome and Opera. With the passage of time, however, some applications have continued with the work, therefore there are platforms that support this type of format and among them we find Telegram (format used for stickers) and Picasa (web app developed by Google). Today, we want to address by showing you how to save WebP images to JPG or PNG from Chrome browser for later use in any scope you want. Are you ready to know in detail the procedure for saving images in this particular format?

How to Save WebP Images in JPG or PNG on Chrome with Extensions

As we mentioned in the introduction, with Chrome it is possible to save WebP images in JPG or PNG formats in a few simple steps, in order to preserve the image and use it when needed. The first method we recommend you to experiment with is to use an extension known just as Save image as Type which involves the following steps to immediately save a WebP image in JPG or PNG:

  1. Download the Save Image as Type Chrome extension
  2. Click on the Add Button
  3. In the window that appears click on Install extension
  4. Go to the WebP image to download
  5. Right-click on the image
  6. Select one of the formats present (JPG, PNG or WebP)

By carefully executing the steps listed above, we will be able to definitively download the webP images in JPG or PNG on our PC in less than two minutes by simply using an extension provided for free by Chrome.

How to Save WebP Images in JPG or PNG online

Do you need to download a WebP image in another format but don’t want to install any extension to keep your browser clean and fast? Are you wondering if there is a procedure that allows you to download these images without necessarily having to resort to an external service? Just go to and convert webp to jpg online for free.

All very simple and immediate right? Have you encountered difficulties in saving your WebP images to JPG or PNG? Are you aware of other methodologies similar to those described?

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