How to Get Temporary WiFi Service at Locations Where There is No Internet Connectivity

It is not cheap to get online as it can easily cost you a few dollars every month. But, what if you happen to find yourself in a location that doesn’t even have the smallest amount of internet connectivity? What options are there for you to still stay connected when you need and want to.

Here are some of the available options for temporary WiFi service that you can try:

Mobile Hotspot

The number one solution to ensure that you will always have internet on your smartphone, laptop, and other devices at all times is by using a mobile hotspot. As expected, an upfront cost is needed here so you have to buy your own hotspot device. Since there are many providers of mobile hotspots, it is important to choose the company that offers the kind of quality you need and the price that suits your budget.

Tether Your Device

In case you don’t really need a regular mobile data yet you need an occasional internet access on your laptop, the easiest and fastest way for you to go online is to tether your device such as your smartphone. Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages associated with tethering. First, if you completely rely on your phone carrier’s signal, it might not work as good in the country as it is in the city. Also, laptops often use more data compared to smartphones. It means that your next bill might catch you by surprise.

Look for Public WiFi

Depending on your location when you want to go online without internet connectivity, you can take advantage of the nearest public WiFi network. Coffee shops, libraries, transport hubs, and restaurants usually have networks that you can connect to.

WiFi USB Dongle

WiFi USB dongles or also called internet sticks are cheaper and more accessible mobile hotspot versions. Instead of giving your commitment to a pricey long term plan for mobile internet, you can just insert the usual 4G or 3G SIM card then use the data connection.

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