How to Detect If Your Phone Is Wiretapped

Smartphone is one of the best inventions of all time and has proved to be one of the best items of entertainment ever. With your Smartphone, you can communicate   with virtually anyone from any part of the world. You can also browse the internet everywhere you go, as well as, carry out several other activities. Smartphone usually comes with so many features these days and they are sweet little things that can give good value for money. While the Smartphone may be one of the best discoveries after sliced bread, they also come with certain risks that you must be wary of. Phone listening is a common issue and you should consider the possibility of your mobile device listening on your conversation.

Is your device listening to you?

Your Smartphone can contain loads of personal information that should only be seen by you and no one else.  Loads of things are stored on Smartphone, like secrets, feelings, videos, photos, business and private conversations, as well as, loads of other things. Phone listening can reveal these details to unscrupulous elements and you will be the worse for it.


How to prevent this problem

You can successfully prevent and stop this unwanted trend towards maintaining your privacy.  First of all, there are certain signs you need to pay attention to. If you are wary of these things, you will be able to know if your phone is bugged or tapped by advertising, government or special services spies.  First of all, you need to pay a close attention to any background noise when you are on a call, like interferences, hum, echoes, clicks and so on.  Any of these signs may be an indication that you are not the only two people in that phone conversation. You should not hesitate to check for wiretapping on your device if any of these sounds continue.

Fast battery depletion is one of the other signs worthy of note; it may be a sign that your phone is tapped.  It can equally indicate that you have malware on your device. You should also consider the possibility that your phone’s microphone is constantly working, which means someone may be listening on your conversations. The issue can even cause the capacity of the battery to deplete.

The advertisement categories you get on your mobile device can equally indicate if your phone is listening on your conversation or not. If you start seeing certain adverts on your phone but you cannot remember ever searching for such a thing online, it is a possible sign that your phone listens on your conversation and send the details of those conversations to advertising agencies, who then use the details to send you adverts.  The advertising agencies always claim that they are not listening on your conversations, but this is almost always false.

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