Future of ERP Systems and Software

Future of ERP Systems and Software

It is clear that enterprise software applications have evolved over the past 20 years. I think the argument can be made that enterprise software applications have evolved so quickly over the past decade that a third wave of enterprise software is coming. I believe that the majority of the applications that will be built over the next several years will be built to support a world of Internet-connected devices, the cloud, and mobile devices. The most effective applications will be built to be fast, mobile and smart. They will also leverage emerging technologies such as object-oriented programming languages and Java. I also believe that mobile applications will be the primary focus of development and innovation for the next several years.

ERP Software

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will start with the installation of networks in cars, bridges, buildings, homes and offices. We will begin to have devices in cars that will report their location, speed, direction, acceleration and braking. We will also have devices in cars that communicate via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other wireless technologies. erp software will have devices in buildings that report the flow of air conditioning and the flow of warm or cool air to and from a thermostat. We will also have smart homes with devices that communicate with lighting, security, appliances, computers and mobile devices.

We will also have smart thermostats that will communicate with the Internet to control heating and cooling systems and appliances. In the future, a mobile phone will be able to control a home’s heating and cooling systems remotely and make changes to a building’s energy usage.


I believe that the cloud will be the most significant change that enterprise software will experience in the next several years. The cloud will not be a new technology but rather a new way of delivering enterprise applications to users. Cloud applications will be web-based applications that are delivered to users via the Internet and accessed using web browsers.

The emergence of the cloud will impact a company’s ERP system. Since the ERP system will be hosted on a remote server, the erp system will be accessible to users from multiple devices and locations. The ERP system will also be accessible via mobile devices and the Internet. In the future, the ERP system will be updated directly and updated automatically from the cloud. The cloud will also have a significant impact on mobile devices. Mobile devices are already networked and able to connect to other devices and to the cloud.

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