Don’t Replace Your iPhone, Just Get It Fixed!!

It is a common myth among the users that repairing an iPhone will cost the same as you buy a new iPhone. But that’s not true. There are lots of iPhone Repair shops which can repair your iPhone at a cheaper rate.

Normally, within a couple of years, the battery of the iPhone starts to fade. And there are always chances that before that you will break the screen or drop it into the water. And as Apple warranty only covers the iPhone for 2 years, it becomes impossible to get your iPhone fixed if it gets damaged. People often say that you should get your iPhone fixed by Apple care only. But that’s not compulsory. Yes, Apple Care does provide additional benefits to the customers, but you can still get your iPhone fixed from a local shop too. The only thing you should take care of is to make sure that you choose a reliable service center like Mr. Fix to get your device fixed.

Even though the iPhone seems like a pretty seamless piece of aluminum, you can take it apart without having an Engineering degree. The most common iPhone issues involve battery problem, screen damage, and water damage. Apple Inc has mentioned in their policy that if the device is taken apart then it will nullify the device warranty. But if the warranty period is over, you will be charged heavily for every repair you get done with Apple Care.

The new iPhone models cost somewhat around $600 and it only increases from this point. But if you get your iPhone repaired then it will certainly cost less than that. So, you can use Mr. Fix to make sure that your iPhone is repaired by professionals. Whether it is the iPhone, MacBook, PC, or an iPad, you can get every Apple device fixed at Mr. Fix.

Unlike the manufacturers, they don’t spend days for a single iPhone Repair. You can get your iPhone back in the original conditions within a matter of hours. And you can also wait inside the store as your device is repaired. They make sure that original parts are used for the repair so that the devices won’t need any repair in the near future. Using high-quality parts is their priority to assure that they have a loyal customer base.

Along with the top-class service, you will also get a lifetime warranty of the repair and the components. No matter what kind of damage is done to your electronic devices, Mr. Fix can fix all those problems at affordable rates. They will make sure that your time and money is saved. So, it is a better alternative to get your iPhone fixed by Mr. Fix instead of buying a new one.

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