Does Your Business Need Google Ads? Find Your Answers Here

Google Ads platform has always been considered as a great place to bring new sales as well as increase business leads. A lot of businesses can attest to its effectiveness even though there are others who are not happy with their results. But remember that Google Ads is not so simple. You need to determine if getting Google Ads Newcastle is the right move for your business.

All About Google Ads And How It Works

The Google Ads is composed of the YouTube Network, Google Search Network, and also the Google Display Network. This is how Google offers different advertisements that would appear in every search result on This is done through Google AdWords or advertisements. They also appear on other websites through Google’s AdSense and Display Network.

To rank your ad at the top of every search result will be determined by Ad Rank. this is composed of different factors like the bid amount, the quality score, and so on. This means that if you bid higher, there is a better chance for a good quality score which will rank you higher. So with Google Ads, you can do anything – sales, brand awareness, leads, etc. In fact, you can also advertise or promote your blog articles here! However, Google Ads work best in driving new leads and sales for a business.

Do You Need Google Ads For Your Business?

Before you go for Google Ads, you first have to determine whether your business needs it or not. There are now plenty of digital marketing service providers who offer Google Ads Newcastle. So to help you decide whether this is the right business marketing strategy for you, here are some tips to assess your needs:

  • Assess Your Budget. One of the first things that you have to determine when thinking of adding Google Ads to your marketing strategy, is your budget. This is one of the biggest issues that every business needs to tackle when signing up with Google Ads. Can you afford this? Are you willing to spend more? So before you proceed, assess your marketing budget.


  • Your Product/Services Should Be Right For Google Ads. Other than your budget, you should also assess if your product is suitable for this medium. Is your product or service easily sellable online? Do you think it will sell best with photos? If you feel like your product is difficult to sell without the help of images, then consider other platforms. So you have to evaluate your products as well as the key drivers of your sales. This way, you can easily assess if a simple text ad would be enough to catch your targeted audience’s attention.
  • Find The Right Network. Google’s Economic Impact Reports reveals that Google Ads generate $2 from every $1 spent. This means that you should expect to double your investment into this platform. So even if your budget is small, you will have different methods or ways to use Google Ads for your business.

There is no doubt that Google Ads is one of the best methods to bring in new traffic, increase your leads, and boost your sales no matter what industry you are in. However, knowing if this marketing platform is the best for your business or not, is a game-changer.

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