Discussion on Certain Products of IBM Information Technology Services

Discussion on Certain Products of IBM Information Technology Services

IBM is one of the leading companies in the world providing information technology services and products. This is the company involved in establishing the computers and later they entered cloud computing and offered bare-metal computing the first time compared to any other in the beginning. There are five segments through which the company operates. Global Business Service, Global Technology Service, System, Global Financing, and Cloud & Cognitive Software are those five segments that offer various services.

Various Segments of IBM IT Services

Global and Business Services (GBS): Application Management, Support Services, BPO Services, Business Consulting Services, Maintenance and Delivery System Integration,

The Global Technology Services (GTS): Cloud, Services for IT Infrastructure, Outsourcing and Project Based

System: Servers and an enterprise operating system for z systems.

Global Financing (GF): Loan Financing Services, remarketing services, lease, and installment payment plans.

Cloud and Cognitive Software (CCS): Transaction processing software, data, and analytics solution and a cognitive computing platform.

 Global Technology Service

Global technology services are the focus here and cloud computing is the one under this segment that is helping the users to store the data in different forms such as photos, documents, videos, etc. this facilitate the users to access the data where ever they want since the data are stored on the internet. Importantly it reduces the utilization of the storage devices and cuts down the cost related to that. IBM i cloud has certain unique features like block-chain technology, cloud security which are being greater advantages to the users. Beyond this, IBM i cloud offers a lot of services under its roof, and let us see the few important services here.  Cloud computing, cloud networking, cloud storage, Cloud developer tools and Analytics, IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence are those.

IBM i cloud

IBM Control Desk

IBM control desk actually provides service management to make the support of infrastructure and also users simple. Through the best practices, it controls the cost and improves user satisfaction. Beyond this, the following benefits are offered by the IBM helpdesk.


  • Reduction in help desk calls greatly.
  • It improves the first call resolutions.
  • Greatly minimize the disturbances
  • Asset utilization of information technology can improve
  • Control of IT environment can be possible
  • Objectives that are related to service level can be improved.

IBM Cloud: Why not so popular?

IBM cloud is not the most popular though it shows considerable growth and revenue compared to its competitive service provider Google cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. There are certain reasons listed for not being popular among the others.

Marketing is not done enough as compared to others. Less marketing underrated this service.

IBM Cloud provides services to top-level companies which are not open for its popularity.

 Timing is another factor. It actually enters the public market later than others hence reach was disturbed.

Implementation is done with its own employee and avoids the intermediate. This leads to the underrated.

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