Best Internet Network Services in Hong Kong

Using neuCentrIX, you can relax while building your company. Their superior networking connection solutions offer that your national and global communication is simple and convenient. They provide you with accessibility to a broad variety of connectivity network Hong Kong solutions, and International Networking, with a confirmed capacity proportion of 1:1.

Access control and good communication among your organization, workers, and clients require quick and cheap internet connectivity. When you subscribe for data centre providers -network and broadband solutions using neuCentrIX, you get a unified system for connecting to your different business facilities, customers, suppliers, collaborators, or even your own places of existence.

Wide Coverage Global Connectivity:

For first Worldwide IP Vps hosting, neuCentrIX keeps you effortlessly accessible to all large company sites. As companies transfer your quest data among your head office, branches, server farms, remote employees, and network infrastructure, experts give you just an SLA assurance.You could streamline your processes and start developing your organization with a widening divide that extends as your company grows, thanks to manufacturing technology and innovative capabilities.

Global Values:

They are dedicated to going above and above for their customers. To achieve this need, they adhere to their original organization’s growth, beliefs, and founding principles. They follow the Telkom way of operating and seek to be the greatest at any occasions by implementing quick, strong, and intelligent approaches.

Why to choose them?

  • The first point is obviously that they are the best data centre providers.
  • NeucentrIX operates as an offshoot of a significant percentage, worldwide affecting the holding company, with well-organized operations and information delivery techniques.
  • For optimal customer pleasure, companies transmit on this worth throughout their numerous data centre solutions to each one of their clientele.
  • Furthermore, by concentrating their enormous investments in Hong Kong, companies can give a more personalized service to their customers, ranging from tiny and emerging businesses to huge enterprises.


NeuCentrIX places a great emphasis on offering cost-effective, highest level facilities both in public and private sector organizations in Hong Kong.They provide a unified data centre environment with service providers from collocation to networking and interconnection, cloud computing, and additional real worth facilities such as cross connectivity, intelligent touch, and extra storage supply.

Interconnection and Conclusion:

They can assist you to transfer your broadband to Equinix by ensuring reliable & elevated data centre systems that facilitate either brief & medium ranges. They now create two 100G Rings DWDM plus fibre connections across both situations to help you have clean, private, and dependable communication.

Whenever you collocate alongside them, they guarantee a 100% availability SLA, allowing you to concentrate on the primary strategy but instead of maintaining a data centre.

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