A Quick Guide To Understanding Test Sockets

           The important test in semiconductor manufacturing includes wafer test during the wafer process by which electrical characteristics of chips are being tested before dicing a wafer into many pieces of semiconductor, while the other is the final test during the assembly and testing process which is being conducted after packing the diced chips. These sockets best suit testing power devices and electrical parts for mobile communication and in-car devices, these are also designed customizable according to what environment is undergoing the test.

            Custom-made test sockets are being used in the semiconductor industry. These sockets are being designed and manufactured under customer specifications. There is a lot of probe head manufacturer that ensured to provide products that meet regulations and specifications. But before anything else, a product must need to get tested whether it is effective or not. These occur more so for mall complex applications and technology devices where the testing solutions which provide more complex situations. Manufacturers aim to provide a specialized range of tests and tooling probes and sockets that are being designed to help the working engineers to ensure the performance reliability of their products. Test sockets are being made to offer high performance and top of quality to guarantee clients of a smooth, effortless process.

            A wide range of test sockets is available for a variety of applications. The sole purpose of a test socket is to streamline the connection and the design process between products. This affects the essential part of productivity as well as to ensure that the products are safe and ready for use by valued consumers. There is a range of test sockets solutions in a variety of options in device package sized and for various applications. These test sockets include:

  • WLCSP socket – this test socket is ideal for wafer level testing and is a definite cost-effective testing solution. A client is able to use this product for all small and specific test since this test socket is a precision-level testing product. This socket best suit a variety of smaller devices.
  • Hybrid Elastomer Socket – This is more often used for RF devices. This type of test socket is being made with a durable, rubber material which is an ideal testing solution for high frequencies. The rubber material of this socket ensures safety during the process, wherein the manufacturer is able to design and fabricate socket to fit many applications.
  • CMOS Sensor Socket – This socket works to convert light into electrons which are most often found in digital cameras and play a crucial role in getting the perfect final photo.
  • RF Socket – These sockets are being designed to work at high radio frequencies and can provide higher bandwidth and impedance matching.

            The sole reason to get the perfect socket manufacturer is to provide you with the latest in test and tooling solutions wherein you can assure that you are getting a high-precision and superior sockets.

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