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  The world of Smartphone is dynamic. Smartphone started making wave towards the latter part of the past century, and the industry has grown by leaps and bounds since then. These days, a Smartphone can function as a computer. There is rarely any program you can run on a desktop or laptop computer that you cannot …


  Technology has transformed human lives exceedingly these days. Improvement in the technology world can be seen in almost all aspects of the human endeavors. Gone are the days when you must make the trip to pass a message; these days, you can pass a message by just making the call. Some even take things to …


Blockchain technology continues to grow in a fast and wide-reaching way. When this technology was first introduced to the world, most of us thought it would be limited to cryptocurrencies. We didn’t see how it would fit into any of our existing systems. But the brains behind blockchain technology and thousands others who saw the …


  You will probably know of a website that looks great but does not give a good user experience. Either it’s almost always experiencing downtime or it takes an  eternity to respond. You can avoid such problems by ensuring that you choose a good web hosting service. The web host’s sole responsibility is to ensure that …


 Young children constantly crave for attention. While this is natural, parents are sometimes not able to be present for their kids throughout the day. This is one reason why toys were invented. Toys always keep children busy as all their attention is drawn to what they are playing with. Toys are children’s primary source of …